Malware Removal

malware-iconHackers are trying to gain control of your website 24 hours a day! Have they succeeded? We can get you back online today.

When your site is hacked, your host may shut your website down to prevent damage to their systems and other clients that may share the same server space. And search engines may tag your website as infected, keeping potential visitors from coming to view your offerings.

Our ticketing system allows you to place support requests 24 hours a day. Once your ticket is submitted our skilled technicians are instantly alerted and can start work to resolve your issue quickly. We will inspect your website files to identify and remove malware and hacks that are hurting your online presence.

If you have not kept your CMS up to date, the chance of issues with malware increases. This is particularly problematic for old Joomla sites that are running the 1.0 or 1.5 versions. Because these older versions of Joomla did not have an automatic update option many are still in use today even though support from the project ended many years ago. These sites are easy targets for hackers.

When your website is hacked the malicious code is typically hidden and there are no apparent problems on the website itself. But behind the scenes, your website may be sending out spam emails or be part of an SEO Poisoning attack.

Don’t struggle with trying to find and eliminate the malicious files on your own. Try a no-obligation support subscription today.